VBS Day 3 Update

The following is a report from Eszti who is serving at VBS in Hungary:


Above: Eszti far left teaching her small group at VBS


The last two days have been great. Since both days have been really hot, we've been spraying kids with water and tossing water bombs. There haven’t been any serious sicknesses. There was a young girl that had to go home because of a headache and another who had a bloody nose because of the heat. The heat is causing others to have headaches, but other than that, sickness has not been a big problem.




There was a problem with a child who comes from foster care. He was not willing to listen to any of the camp leaders and Miki and Zsolti decided to send him home. We prayed for him that Tuesday afternoon and he returned today. He was sorry for the way he behaved and he was able to experience forgiveness and a new beginning at camp. He had a good day and enjoyed his time back.


Above: Andor who was welcomed back to camp today after being sent home pictured with his grandmother Zsuzsa.


Another child (Erik pictured above) that was also having lots of problems last year is coming faithfully every day this year and has dramatically changed. It seems that he is finding something new each day to get attention from others (saying his head hurt, his shoulder hurt ect.) but today he had no complaints. He is kind toward all the workers and other children. Please pray that this VBS would have a continued positive effect on his life and continue to lead him in the right direction. This child’s family situation is very unstable with him being sent out from home in the morning and only able to return at night. In this time he has no place to eat or drink and he is being cared for and loved in a special way at this VBS. 



The volunteer team of workers are doing a great job and the events of the day are going smoothly. The teen helpers (pictured above) who are fulfilling 50 hours of community work through this VBS are taking upon themselves the work of packing up, setting out food and any other needs they can meet. Their team leaders Arni and Margit report that great conversations are happening in this group. Please pray that the messages they are hearing at this VBS take root in their hearts.



Our two preschool groups are much more energetic than previous years. They are very talkative and moving all over the place which is quiet challenging for their group leaders. Other group leaders are also beginning to experience fatigue and we all have need of a good night’s rest and new strength for the remaining three days!


Above: Eniko (expecting her first child due this fall) serving at VBS.

Tomorrow we will be putting even more focus on the Gospel message. Please pray for Eniko who will be teaching and for hearts to be open to the message.

VBS in Hungary!

In just three and a half more weeks, we’ll be returning to Hungary. Currently, we’re looking for opportunities to share in small groups and any other venue before our return. You can contact Allen and Sharon at 302-407-1498 or at mercercafe@mac.com.

This is the first time in many years that we’ve been in the US while VBS is going on! It is great to see so many banners as I drive through Delaware with churches reaching out to children and their families through this effective means of outreach. Some of you may be participating even this week in serving or maybe your kids are involved in some way.

In Hungary, our church has just completed their first day of this year’s VBS. Eszti wrote to me and shared an update for me to give to all of you. Eszti first heard the Gospel at our VBS and later put her faith in Christ at English camp. Since then, she has grown in her faith and has been serving along side of us for years. What has happened to Eszti is what we would love to see happen in so many more kids’ lives in Hungary as they hear the Gospel and see it lived out.

Above: Eszti serving in VBS

Here is what Eszti wrote. “This year we begin our VBS with around 120 kids and 35 helpers. We’ll be sharing about the life of King David with the kids. Because of the church split this year with some members leaving we encountered various difficulties in the preparations leading up to camp. But in the end we finished preparations in time, problems were solved and we had enough workers volunteer. We have a drama team that will be presenting something everyday for the kids. There is unity among the team serving together. Most of the workers have served in previous camps but we have new helpers as well like Irénke, Andi, Hajni and Ruben who is from a church in Budapest.

We had a very blessed day today. Everyone had a great time and there were no accidents. The sky was overcast but there was no rain that would have interrupted our programs. There was a small problem with lunch because the delivery person got lost which led to a late lunch arrival. But by the end of the day, this was no problem. Every worker served with great joy. No one is sick. Zsolti is doing a great job leading by keeping order and creating a wonderful atmosphere for the kids. Even though we had a power outage until noon, the singing and teaching was successful. The twins that we were concerned about (see prayer request below) did not escape :) There are two kids, Alex and Erik that we invited into our VBS when they were roaming the street last year. This year, there was no need to invite them as they came on their own and joined in on everything, paying attention and obeying the rules. Márk who had issues with anger last year had no issues today in any way. Praise God!” — Eszti


Here are some ways you can pray for the VBS in Hungary:

  • Protection from sickness, that the team and children would be able to rest and sleep well. (Some headaches, some didn’t sleep well)
  • That every worker would receive strength from God and serve out of His strength.
  • For Zsolti who is camp leader and the various responsibilities he will have.
  • For the parents, that their hearts would be opened to the Gosoel and that they would come to the open house on Saturday.
  • For the teachers that present the main message each day. (Tomorrow Zsolti will be presenting)
  • For small group leaders, that God would direct them, that He would give them wisdom, that they would have success working with their helpers and with the children in their group.
  • For workers that are fulfilling new roles and haven’t had the benefit of experience from past camps.
  • For the weather. Our camp benefits from comfortable weather as the indoor facility is crammed and not good for the majority of activities in our camp which happen outside.
  • For the food. That there would be enough, that it would arrive on time and that the new kitchen team would have wisdom.
  • For the technical aspects (speakers, mics,) and cars to work as kids are ‘bussed’ home.
  • For protection from accidents and injuries.
  • For twins in our pre-school class that have a reputation of ‘escaping’. Pray that there would be no problems with them.
  • For a young boy named Mark who had various outbursts of anger last year. Pray that he would have more opportunity to connect with others and join in the various programs throughout the day.
  • For brothers Levi and Andor who are in foster care and need the love of Christ. Andor is struggling with authority.
  • For the Gospel to be presented in a way that the kids can understand. For God’s truth to pierce their hearts.

Here are some pictures from today provided by teammate Tom Ledoux:

Above: Converging at the front of the community center where we hold registration and then walk together to the campgrounds.


Above: A good group of older kids that also attend. Pray especially for these teens to be impacted by the Gospel. Some of them are using this camp as a way to fulfill community work for their high school and they are not yet believers.





Above: Lidia (center) was baptized in January this year. We’re glad to have her helping out in VBS. (Photo credit: Gyula)

As most of you know VBS is the highlight of many kids’ lives. They find that that Christ’s love, joy and peace they experience at VBS is unmatched and some just don’t want to go back to the instability they often experience in their homes. We appreciate your continued prayers!

Here are some more photos from today taken by Attila