Weekly Update

Above: We praise God for a great two and a half weeks of Christmas Puppet Ministry. Check out the film above I was able to put together from various clips from the many schools we visited.

Christmas Worship Service



Above: Some of the visitors to our Sunday service included former mayor (far left) and seated behind him, the local middle school’s principal with her husband.





Above: Roger helped some of the kids from the local middle school prepare a few special songs and scripture reading.




It was a great night with opportunities to lift up the name of Jesus Christ as our Savior. Praise God for many first time visitors who attended. Pray that the continued follow up with them would lead to salvation as they put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Monday English Club Christmas Party





We had a great turn out even though we are so close to Christmas. We continue to get very positive feedback from those attending and we plan to continue this club in January. Over the past three weeks we have had multiple opportunities to share personal testimony in the class setting and with individuals at break time. This has been a great tool in the town of Jászfényszaru to build new relationships and tell people about the hope we have in us. Our next steps in the new year involve launching a Bible study with those who are interested from the English Club.



Above: Kira along with some other children in our choir joined us and sang some special Christmas songs. As we were preparing to leave, Kira ran smack into a column inside the community center. Responding to her scream, I rushed to her and grabbed her not knowing how serious the injury was. Moving my arm, and looking at her head, I saw a green and purple lump the size of a golf ball swelling up above her right eye. We began praying and headed to the hospital where she had x-rays and an examination. Praise God that her skull wasn’t fractured and she was back to her normal self the next day albeit with swelling that continues to subside. Praise God for protecting her and bringing swift healing.

Update on Vivi

I mentioned a few weeks ago a prayer request for Vivi who’s pregnancy was at risk after doctors discovered problems with her baby’s heart and an abnormal growth in the child’s head. It is important to note that Vivi is a young Romani woman and discrimination is prevalent against Romani in Hungary. Doctors are quick to recommend aborting babies and Vivi had to fight just to get medical care because she was designated as high risk.

After one doctor found an issue with the babies heart, I reported that a subsequent exam revealed that the baby’s heart was healthy (praise God) but we were still waiting for the results from a biopsy related to the abnormal growth. On Monday, Vivi had another examination and I rejoice to report that God has touched this child with healing! The enlarged spot that was seen on the baby's brain has decreased, and is expected to continue to decrease based on the results of the biopsy. What a great reminder this Christmas of God’s grace and mighty hand to provide. “For nothing will be impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

May the peace of Christ guard your hearts and may the blessing of having a personal relationship with Jesus bring you great joy and hope this Christmas. Merry Christmas from our family to all of you who have been a constant encouragement and help to us these many years!

Christmas Puppet Ministry Day 15



Above: Arnold examining his ordered pile of puppets before covering them up before our last show.











Thank all of you who covered this ministry in prayer. Thank those of you who gave financial gifts to cover the evangelistic CDs and magazines. With two teams we were able to travel to 32 schools over the past two and a half weeks reaching close to 2000 kids. As we were driving home I found out an interesting story that brought more encouragement. Puppet team member Eniko shared how she remembered a puppet show outreach in her school when she was younger. It turns out that Miki as a young man was one of the puppeteers in that show (yes, there is a significant age difference between our team members :). How neat that Eniko is now faithfully following Jesus and serving in a ministry that once sowed seeds in her heart. Praise God for sustaining us through this ministry and for the message of Jesus and salvation in Him being shared in so many public schools.

Tomorrow, we’ll have our special Christmas worship service and expect many first time visitors. Please pray for God to draw them to Himself and for them to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.