2016 VBS Day 1

After a series of muggy hot days last week, God was gracious to drop the temperature in Hungary for our first day of Vacation Bible School (VBS). Praise God that all of our volunteers are healthy and served in unity and with joy this first day of VBS. Praise God that the process of registering 126 kids and launching our first day of camp were a success.


Above: After signing in, it we walk the kids to the campgrounds from the local community center.


Above: Our first morning meeting. With so many kids returning from previous years, the room was full of laughter and singing in no time. We spend around 40 minutes singing together.


Above: Some of our youngest preschool children.


Above: Eszti and Bogi in our small group study time. Last year, Bogi was at this very camp witnessing God’s grace and love and hearing the Gospel. She was soon after saved and is now serving along side of us for the first time!


Above: Using pictures to review the story we heard in the morning meeting of Jonah’s journey and God’s character.







Above: Our last meeting of the day where we have a 5 part drama about a caterpillar’s journey to becoming a butterfly. Instead of choosing the way of “The Book”, the caterpillar seeks to find her own way get wings that leads her into serious danger.

We had a great first day. At the threat of rain and as we saw dark clouds moving in, God was gracious to keep our area free of rain! The kids are having a great time and there were no serious injuries throughout the day. Thanks for keeping us in prayer!

Ministry Update

Ministry in Bogács


Above: Dávid looks on at the beautiful double rainbow above Bogács.


Above: Taking cover from the rain.

Last night we held our weekly Bible study in the town of Bogacs. After a one hour commute to this small town, we visit a few Romani families that have opened their homes to us. The Romani in this area are not scattered in various houses throughout the town but all located in one section away from Hungarian residents. Unfortunately, there remains a strong level of discrimination against the Romani and because of many of their children dropping out of school and families struggling to find work, their plight of poverty continues. Summer brings much relief to these families who often struggle to have enough wood to heat their houses in the winter. As we have continued to serve in their section of town for years we have gotten to know many in the community and they welcome us as friends.


Above: We first picked up Edit (who we've been meeting with for over a year) and made our way to her friend Angela's house. Edit has told us that she would like to be baptized this summer! Please continue to pray for her spiritual growth.


Above: Entering Angela’s house (Angela far right). Angela’s granddaughter Dori peaked out from behind their wooden gate with a smile. Teammate Hugi was able to spend some time with Dori outside reading a story from a children's Bible we had given her a few weeks ago. The rest of us made our way inside.


Above: Dori (standing far left), Kati and her mother Edit, Brenda and Hugi. After already completing a study of Mark, we have moved on to the book of Acts and sometimes I bring Bible studies on specific topics. This is only our fourth visit to this household, but God is already establishing that what we bring is truth and trustworthy. As I mentioned in previous posts, Angela was often visited by Edit’s daughter Kati. Angela struggled with fear and had a problem with her leg that restricted her ability in many ways doing everyday things in town. For over ten years, a sect has been visiting Angela and bringing false teaching. Things become confusing because there is often truth mixed into the false teaching they bring about God. The first time we met Angela, Jesus healed her leg. When Angela shared this good news with the others from the sect that also say they believe in God, they told her that I had performed some kind of enchantment on her and that the pain would come back. It reminds me of Jesus’ words, “If they have called the master of the house Beelzebul, how much more will they malign those of his household.” (Mat 10:25) But Angela knows what she experienced personally and she knows that Jesus did it. The sect was also taken back by how much focus I put on Jesus Christ and how I pray in His name. They continue to call Angela and are trying to convince her to not listen to what I am bringing every week, which is simply print outs of Bible passages. Last week, after we met, Angela said she was still confused. How would she know who to trust or who to follow. We prayed and asked God for clarity.

As we met this week, Angela shared how she began praying now in Jesus’ name and she was clearly convinced after our study that Jesus is God in the flesh. Please pray for Angela, her daughter Ildiko and her granddaughter Dori. Pray for continued revelation from God and for a full understanding of the good news of God’s Gospel. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead them to truth as Angela and Kati spend time together reading God’s word. As we left Angela’s house, a neighbor named Gizi stopped us and began asking questions. “What is the Gospel? What does the Gospel mean?” On the uneven stone pathway outside of Angela’s house, I explained that we were created, we fell, we became separated and lived in sin. And I shared about the love of God sending His Son Jesus to restore what we lost by dying on the cross and being raised from the dead as our Savior and Lord. We hope that Gizi will also join our studies in Angela’s house. Please pray for her.


Above: Puljka sharing amazing news! A few weeks ago at a follow up check up after surgery for a hernia, the doctors discovered that Puljka had TWO heart attacks. The news was grim and Puljka returned home and wept as the doctors explained the severity of the matter. As we met a few days after this news and studied God’s word, Puljka was encouraged and continued to put his trust in Jesus as His healer. We’ve been praying for the miraculous and for no ill effects after the heart attacks. Puljka shared with us this week that he went back for follow up testing to see how they would proceed to treat him. He said that the head doctor came in after all the tests with a joyful look and said, “Puljka, I have good news. You are healed!” Praise God for His mercy in Puljka’s life and for bringing miraculous healing! Please continue to pray for Puljka and his family who at times join us in our Bible study time.


Above: Ellie helping out with translation at a Baseball camp in the town of Hatvan (about 20 minutes away from Petofibanya).





Above: The short term missions team from Atlanta associated with Paulus mission and Fellowship of Christian Athletes holding the baseball camp. Pisti (asleep in the foreground) is a Hungarian pastor and works in our local middle school. He does a great job with the youth and also was a key person in getting a little league baseball team started in our hometown. Praise God that many of the kids from our local team are also attending this camp this week and continue to hear the Gospel through testimonies and teaching from this team.



Above: A photo from last year’s VBS in Petofibanya. Once again we have over 110 kids registered! What an amazing open door to spend quality time with these kids the entire week and share the love of Christ and His message of reconciliation! The majority of these kids do not come from Christian households and this is one of the few opportunities they have to hear clear teaching of God’s word and see it lived out through us.

We have over 30 volunteers from our local church who have participated in creating the curriculum, writing a drama and doing all sorts of planning for this year’s camp. This camp is a spiritual battlefield. I would like to have a team of prayer partners join us in this ministry starting Monday, praying everyday until Saturday.

Please let me know via email if you would like to partner in praying daily for our VBS this year! Click here!

Family pics





Above: Ben with his friend Bence. Ben had his official graduation ceremony from Middle School in the town of Rozsaszentmarton.



Above: Ziva (our youngest), Kira (second youngest), Elianna and Ben.

Thanks for your continued support. Your partnership with us enables us to continue serving full time in Hungary. We praise God for the privilege to join Him in His work here and for your generosity in helping us remain on the field long term!