VBS Day Five


Above: Justin who wanted to leave camp a few days ago huddled in with some friends from his small group. Today in his preschool group, Val reported that all the kids, including Justin (who is just 3) were able to say the memory verse: I am lthe way, and mthe truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)


Above: Miki starting the day off with songs that take some serious coordination to follow the motions.







Above: Thankful for a great group of kids this year and so many volunteers from church serving with joy.


Above: Attila (church member Gabi’s brother) helping with set up every day. Apparently, last night Attila was in a spiritual battle and it was questionable whether he would return to camp to serve. The team prayed for him and he was the first person I saw this morning walking to the camp grounds. Praise God for ministering to Attila and bringing him back with a right spirit. We have seen in past camps where young believers were attacked spiritually while serving and seen them drift away soon after. We’re thankful that this didn’t happen to Attila, but by God’s grace he was quickly restored. He has been such a hard worker and a great help this year!


Above: Emily fearlessly playing with a bug that was found on the camp grounds. She asked her dad (Roger), “Can I tell a story about it.” Creativity already at work in her little mind.




Above: More face paint craziness. Where else could you get away with painting your face like this and no one thinking you were crazy?


Above: Ziva and Sharon visiting VBS today.


Above: Kids preparing their mini teepees for today’s craft.



Above: Zsofia has done a great job playing the main role of the indian Aski in our drama throughout the week. Check out that necklace!


Above: Kids waiting in suspense as we present the conclusion to our drama we’ve been holding throughout the week. In the morning, the indian responded to the missionary’s invitation to put her trust in Jesus Christ as Pastor of her life. We also shared with the kids that today was the day to talk to a teacher if they also wanted to put their faith in Jesus as well. Many seeds of God’s truth have been planted throughout the week and we trust that by God’s grace they will take root and grow by His grace.


Thank you all for your prayers throughout the week. Thunderstorms had been forecast for the past two days and last night there was a brief hail storm. But today was sunny and we were once again able to be outside all day by God’s provision.

Tomorrow is our last day of camp where parents have been invited to come. Please pray for opportunities to clearly present the Gospel. The Parents will have their own small group with either Miki or Dezso teaching.

Pray also for kids and parents to respond to the invitation to come to our worship service this Sunday and for relationships to be built with parents in the community.
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