Yes, hot off the heals of our VBS, tomorrow we travel to the town of Lakitelek where we will be having our English Camp. We're thankful for a record 62 Teens who will be attending this year. God’s word says:  “And in the very place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ there they will be called ‘sons of the living God.” (Rom 9:26) God in His grace can give them a new heart and can give those who were not His people the gift of becoming His children through faith in Jesus Christ.

2012 drama team

Above: I’m especially encouraged to see many from our church who are attending decide on their own to prepare an evangelistic drama for our Gospel Night. Included on the drama team are Zsofi and Eszter who just last year re-committed their lives to Christ at camp. Gyozo, who was saved a few years ago at camp is also participating on the team. What a difference Christ has made in their lives in just one year to have them serving in their giftings and joining us in reaching out to the next generation of Hungarians.

Please pray specifically for these young believers, that God would protect them at camp and use them to powerfully give testimony to His grace and salvation in Jesus His Son.

Of course, we would appreciate prayer for others from Petofibanya as well. Fanni (not the one pictured above) and Bence will be attending camp for the first time this year and we pray that God would capture their hearts with His truth and His Son. Bence is our mail lady’s son, and Fanni is the daughter of Timi who was saved this year and is growing in her faith. Pray that God may draw both Bence and Fanni to Himself at this camp.

Pray also for our entire team including Miki and Erika, Roger (leading camp) and Heidi, Brenda and of course my family. I (Allen) will be responsible for teaching the top level Egnlish calss (spelled that wrong just to see if you were paying attention). I would appreciate your prayers for good connections with students and open doors to share the Gospel throughout the course of camp.

After VBS


Above: The boy center with yellow shirt came to church with his two brothers and mother on Sunday for the first time.

God has already shown us fruit from our recent VBS. Discussing it in a team meeting, we recognized how God used the VBS to draw together members from both our church plants in Rozsaszentmarton and Petofibanya to bring blessing to the community. Working together a whole week gave us opportunity to be bound together even more in unity in Christ. Two new families began to attend our worship service after VBS, Zsuzsa mother of 5 and another Zsuzsa who is a single grandmother raising two of her grand kids on her own.

Kati, who years ago attended our English Club told me how amazed she was at what we were doing in the community for kids. She said no one else is doing anything or even cares, but it is clear that our fellowship does care. Put this into the context of a Hungarian culture that does not often offer any encouragement and speaks primarily about the negatives and you can see how God is bringing glory to His name and helping our church with a good reputation in the community.

Random stuff


Above: Kids swinging at a recent trip to the park after a doctors visit.



Above: Hard to believe Ziva’s already 8 months old!


Above: Elianna, Ben and Kira in the town of Eger. We praise God that we were able to successfully turn new paperwork in Eger to extend our residency permit.

Above: Ben and Ellie shooting our bow and arrow in the back yard.

For those of you who would like to join our prayer team for English Camp, please contact me! Thanks for your prayer support!
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