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Earlier in the week I learned that Gyüszi’s mother was suffering from some kind of respiratory sickness. When we arrived in Bogács Tuesday night, we saw that she was sleeping in the small bed in front of the TV in the living room. Soon after catching up with Gyüszi’s wife Melinda, she awoke and I could hear her struggle to speak and she had difficulty breathing deeply. I talked to her about Jesus and His finished work on the cross, His love for her and His power to heal and deliver. I laid my hands on her and brought her to Jesus in prayer for healing. Asking her if there was any noticeable change, she indicated that there was still difficulty and discomfort in her chest. I went to Jesus again, laying my hands on her and prayed for healing. After asking her to try to breath deeply again, she was able to breathe without discomfort and began saying to those watching, “It’s better, it’s really better!” By this time, Gyüszi had come home and told those in the room about how I prayed for his daughter Kathy last week who they were planning to take to the doctor because of sickness. The morning after prayer, Kathy awoke and said she had no pain! Jesus healed her. Gyüszi told me that his sister Babi was waiting for us to come the whole week and we headed to her house only to find no one there. Then going a few more houses down the street, we entered Robi’s home. Robi was overjoyed to see us, embracing both Peti and I. I hadn’t seen Robi for the past two or three visit’s to Bogács and was about to find out why. Apparently a recent CT scan revealed that Robi has some kind of tumor in his head and he has been suffering from severe headaches.

It took me some time to convince Robi to allow me to pray for him. He was resistant saying that he was too sinful and thought that my ministering to him and helping him in any way would somehow stain me. I assured him that Jesus could sustain me and that it was God’s will that I minister to him no matter how sinful he was. This gave me another opportunity to share the Gospel. We talked about the work of Jesus and the grace of God. The gift of salvation cannot be earned by our works, the love of God cannot be won by works but it is given to those who believe in Jesus. I told him that healing did not come by works either. There is no account of Jesus telling those who came to Him for healing to get their lives in order before receiving healing. Luke 9:11 says that Jesus welcomed [the crowds] and spoke to them of the kingdom of God and cured those who had need of healing. This amazing grace of Jesus to heal has not depleted over the years.

Robi was won over and smiled saying, “Yes, pray for me.” Robi’s wife Erika (pictured to the right of me in black below) began opening up and sharing how she has struggled with panic attacks for years. I told her that Jesus could deliver her from that as well to which she said with astonishment, “Really, He would heal me too?” I told her how I struggled with the same thing in my life and how Jesus delivered me. Acts 10:38 says that “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.” I prayed for Erika’s healing and for freedom from this oppression. Erika has a Bible and does read it. I believe she is growing in her faith in Jesus. I look forward to hearing how Robi and Erika are doing next week and how God is graciously working in their lives.


Above: Gyüszi (pictured left of me) is the one who originally invited me to Bogács to teach the Bible. Most of those pictured are part of his family, including his sister Babi (front purple sweater). Gyüszi has shown signs of growth in His faith and when asked to tell the group what we studied in last week’s meeting, he gave a great detailed account of what we talked about. I praise God that the way in which we are doing the studies requires their involvement and their attention to God’s word.

Gyüszi’s sister Babi came late to the meeting just before we were about to head home. I reviewed with Babi what we discussed one-on-one last week. Jesus died for our sins. Those who have put their faith in Jesus are cleansed and forgiven. When we sin, we need to confess our sins to God and He is faithful to cleanse us because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. God does not punish his children or want them to punish themselves for sin. All the punishment we deserved fell on Jesus and all that Jesus deserved is given to those who put their faith in Him. This is the amazing grace of God that is freely given to those who believe. After encouraging her with these words, I prayed for healing for her eye (which I believe Jesus can restore). Babi also complained of pain in all her joints, especially her shoulders. After praying for healing for soreness in her joints, I asked her to stand up to see if there was still pain. She said she still had pain in her right shoulder and placing my hand there, I prayed again to Jesus for healing. Afterwards, I said, “And now… how do you feel?” Babi circled her arm once. Then she made a larger circle with her arm. Then she started bending about left and right and said marveling, “Are you sure you don’t have some kind of magic in your hands? The pain is gone!” I assured her that I had no magic in my hands, but that Jesus had power to heal. When Jesus sent out seventy two of his disciples ahead of Him into towns He was about to go, He said to them in Luke 10: 9, “Heal the sick in [the house where you are welcomed] and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’” Before leaving Robi’s house that night, I asked that God's peace be upon their family and told them that the kingdom of God has come near. Babi who continued to circle her arms with a big smile said, “It really has, it really has come near to us!” As we were walking out the door, Robi kept repeating to his household, “Something is going on here, we can't deny something amazing is happening here.” May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to reveal Himself to this household and lead them to repentance and faith in Him as their Lord and Savior!

Puppet ministry day 8


Above: The roads were so bad Wednesday morning that Miki had to pull over on the way to our first show in Egyhazasdengeleg and put chains on his tires. We praise God for His protection in these treacherous conditions.

















Petofibanya (out hometown school)





Above: A very BIG answer to prayer happened in our hometown. Every year, Petofibanya’s school has the worst behaved kids that are literally out of control through the program. Every year, we’ve had to deal with various distractions and kids acting up throughout the show. This year, was completely different! The kids were engaged in the singing and paid close attention to Erika’s sharing the Gospel at the end of the show. We have known many of these kids through the years through Bible classes in town, VBS in the summer and now English Classes in school. We’re thankful to see change happening by God’s grace!

Puppet Ministry Day 9


Above: Our first stop for Thursday was to the Rainbow Care Center in Hatvan. This center cares for the needs of a group of young adults who are mentally disabled. It is a joy to be with them each year, to see them singing along, laughing with us and hearing about God’s love for them revealed in Christ.






Above: Miki giving some of the guys a turn with playing the guitar.









This has been a great second week of Easter Puppet Ministry and we appreciate all your prayers! The Gospel has been delivered to over 1500 kids and teachers from each school. Next week we have a few remaining shows that we could use continued prayer for. Please pray for our team to gain the rest they need and be refreshed this Easter with their families.

We would appreciate your prayer for an evangelistic outreach tomorrow night in the town of Rozsaszentmarton. Allen Buchanek will be visiting from the US to give his testimony of how he came to know God after a terrible accident where over 50% of his body was burned. We’ve invited our english students from Rozsaszentmarton and hope to see more visitors from the posters that have been displayed throughout town.
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