Thursday Youth Group

God has been gracious to bring a small group of teens to faith in His Son through our teen outreach that we held every Friday night throughout 2010. This core group is precious to us and we have launched a new Thursday night gathering just for their growth in Christ. We hope to tackle the tough issues that they encounter as teens with the clear teaching from God’s word. As we study the Scripture together, share life, pray together and worship Jesus together we hope that each one will be equipped for “the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Eph 4:12).


Above From L to R: Józsi, his little brother Levente and mother Tünde. Józsi came to hear about our church through one of members who works at the same factory. He then brought his family and others from his home town of Jászfényszaru who are believers.


Above: Jancsi is also from Jászfényszaru and is the leader of a Bible study group in that village. We are quiet sure that it is not an accident that we have a growing relationship with the believers in Jászfényszaru and are praying for God’s Spirit to move throughout that place and use these new believers in a church planting movement.


Above: Gyula who initially got to know us through our English Club has not only been attending our church service on Sunday but is now involved in a mentor group and this youth group. Although Gyula has not yet made a decision to believe in Jesus, I can see how God is drawing him closer and closer. I can remember when Gyula would leave the room in our English Club when I began talking about spiritual things. He showed absolutely no interest. Now, a year later he is surrounded by God’s voice as he listens to teaching every Sunday, hears personal testimony and sees first hand how God is transforming some of his friends.


Above: Teenager Norbi. Norbi is also showing a renewed interest in Jesus Christ. Please pray for God to reveal Himself and His gospel that Norbi could understand and be awed by what God has provided through HIs Son. Pray that Norbi would be saved.



Above: We purposefully squeezed our chairs in concentric semi circles to create a more interactive atmosphere on Sunday. After a short break that followed our musical worship the church gathered in groups of 3-4 people and interceded together for our community.

Tamás (hand on chin above) gave testimony about how just before Christmas his kitchen was destroyed by a busted pipe and water damage. He shared how it is important to pray and turn to God in all situations. When we went to the hardware store to purchase all the replacement items for his kitchen, there ‘happened’ to be a contest the store was running where you could get reimbursed for the entire price of your purchase. Tamas walked up to the cash register and all of a sudden lights began flashing and he was told that he didn’t have to pay! Tamas blurted out, “God is here too!” Then he looked at the person at the register being more serious and said, “I really mean what I said, I didn’t say it jokingly.” Tamas commented how God is a constant encouragement to him and continues to be his Helper. Praise Him!



Above: Praying for those who are celebrating birthdays recently, Betti, Norbi and Niki.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support! We praise God that our family is coming out of a valley of sickness for the past two weeks. We thank Him for His grace to heal us and for His constant provision of strength in Christ.

Prayer Requests:

• For marriages in our church to be protected by the living word in the hearts of each spouse. That God would teach husbands and wives how to love each other with godly love.

• For ministry partner Miki who has stomach pain for weeks. Pray for healing and for God to minister to him in this difficult time.

• For church member Ági (34 weeks pregnant) who came down with a fever and has had some medical issues through this pregnancy.

• For teenagers who are going through tests in their faith, one who is falling into deception and separating himself from fellowship. Pray for correction, grace and restoration.
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