VBS Day One and Two





Above: You can see from the pictures above that we have an Indian theme at this year’s VBS. Late in the afternoon we have a drama that extends through the whole week telling the story of an indian girl who comes to understand the message of Christ through a missionary.






A grandmother who listened to the morning teaching approached teammate Miki later in the day saying, “Wasn’t it too strong to say that God hates sin?” This opened up an opportunity for Miki to share the Gospel with her, including the weight of sin and the gift of God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

Day one is always one of the most difficult with 87 kids registering. There ware also a number of new kids that attended who we hoped would experience peace and not fear in these new surroundings. God was gracious and kids that were in tears when they arrived in the morning walked back saying to their parents, “I don’t need you to walk with me tomorrow.” Praise God giving them an enjoyable two days and sharing His love with them through His word and this camp.




Above: We have kids ranging from 3 to 14 and after being together in the morning for singing and the main teaching they split into small groups. This allows the kids to review and learn the day’s applicable memory verse. In year’s past we’ve had 6-10 kids per small group, but this year most groups have 15 kids. Teachers were very concerned that this would cause problems, but the majority of groups on the first day reported that kids were attentive and there were no serious disciplinary issues (an answer to prayer). By the second day, all groups reported that things were going well.




Above: We cleaned out an abandoned pool behind our camp site and used it for teaching the kids to shoot bows and arrows.







Above: Since we don’t have air conditioning here, we settle for more traditional means of cooling off. The temperatures continue to sore here in the upper 90s. God has been gracious to protect all the kids from heat exhaustion over the past two days and also from injury through various free time and game time activities.


Thank you for your prayer support in this important time of children’s ministry.

Please pray as our drama begins to go deeper in explaininng the Gospel that God would protect the team and the children so that they could clearly hear and understand the His message.

Pray also for protection from heat exhaustion and injury as we continue to expect temperatures close to 100 degrees.

We praise God for these first two days and clearly see His hand at work!
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