VBS Day Three



Above: Everyday at “free time” the kids can go to a craft table to prepare letters to be delivered to friends at camp or teachers. One of the cute letters that one of the teachers received included the words of encouragement: “You really aren’t dumb.”

Lidi (pictured above) is having a rough time at camp and experiencing home sickness. Lidi is not from our area, and knew about camp through a relative. Please pray for her to experience joy and feel at home at camp tomorrow. In stark contrast, there were a group of kids that commented on the walk home that they didn’t want to go home and enjoyed being with us more than being at home. Two of the campers who had to leave because of a family vacation to Lake Balaton were almost in tears that they ‘had’ to leave. They told their teacher, “Next year we’ll be here and stay the whole time no matter what vacation is planned.” We’re thankful to God for giving these kids a secure and positive place to be at camp through this week, and even more thankful that they are hearing the truth about God’s message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

As we have reached the midpoint of VBS, kids and teachers are experiencing a bit of fatigue. Please pray for God to sustain us in His strength and to give us the rest we need tonight. Pray especially for the younger kids 3-5 who are the most tired after three days.

There were a number of disciplinary issues today, but nothing too serious. Please pray for the “trouble makers” to be drawn into the teaching and discussions tomorrow so that they would be blessed and would not become a distraction to the others in their small group. The good news is that the majority of the kids in the groups are doing great! One small group teacher shared how amazed she was at how concise her kids were answering the questions about the main teaching.





Above: One of the ice-breaker games in the small group involved shaving a balloon covered with shaving cream. The kids couldn’t resist putting the cream all over their faces.



Above: With the amount of kids we have squeezed into our meeting place, we were conceded about how well they would participate in singing this year. We praise God that the returning campers as well as new campers are fully participating. These songs contain great words about Jesus and we could hear the kids singing the songs on their own at different times in the day.






Above: A grandmother who has been attending with her grandkids couldn’t resist trying out our ropes activity.




Above: Jennifer being dragged into the stream of water by Eszti and Eniko.


Above: Dezso playing the role of a missionary helping Zsofia (indian) come to know the one true God. The drama is designed to leave the kids in a bit of suspense at the end of each day. One part of the drama involves the indian being falsely accused of stealing a belt from a local store and the owner is threatening to take all her family’s belongings if she doesn’t return the belt (by the end of our camp). Who done it?

Other prayer requests

One of the younger preschool kids had a terrible reaction to flea bites today at camp. The bites were from his home, but the brutal looking red spots popped up as he was with us this afternoon. Please pray that these bites wouldn’t get infected and that God would heal him so that He can return.

As I look at the forecast, the remaining three days of camp show thunderstorms! With our limited space in our indoor facility and much of our camp happening spread out on the grounds, we would appreciate your prayer for weather that allows us to be outside.

Please continue to pray for the evening drama to clearly present the Gospel. As we approach the last few days of camp, it is critical that these kids truly understand God’s offer of restoration and a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Pray that nothing would distract from His good news being proclaimed. Thank you all for your support!
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