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Above: Levi and Allen drenched after the infamous English Camp water war.

Even though it is hard to capture in one post the number of gracious ways God has worked in camp this year, I wanted to share some thoughts that impacted me. Due to the nature of camp, I only see many of these kids once a year. One such camper, Levi, was also a student in my top level english Class last year. Two years ago, Levi made a decision at camp. Last year he recommitted his life to Christ wanting to grow more. Levi is in a situation that is typical in Hungary. His parents are not believers. His father is an alcoholic. He has had to be more of a caretaker of his dad than his dad has been for him. He has experienced poverty and great pain in his life. Jesus has taken this young man and begun a great work! This year, while we were praying in our leadership meeting, Levi prayed, “Lord. Thank you for this camp. I believe this is the most effective way in Hungary to tell others about You and Your love. Please help my classmate that I brought this year to know you.” Meeting Jesus at this camp has changed the course of this young man’s life. He told me stories of seeking to represent Jesus at his school and the persecution and blessing he experienced. He told me how God may be calling him to help lead a youth group in a local church. I’m amazed at the work of God’s grace and provision that is transforming Levi’s life.


Above: Sharon sharing the Gospel in morning Bible reading time.

Another highlight was having Sharon teaching Bible study and giving her testimony before the campers. With all of our kids getting older and the number of kids workers that were available, Sharon was freed up in new ways. One of her students, Norbi, was a young man that we have known for years in Petofibanya. Norbi had come very close to a decision years ago, but then chose the way of the world and drifted away from our fellowship. Through those years, he experienced the emptiness of what the world had to offer and felt God drawing him back. While with his friends, he said he felt he couldn’t take it anymore. They began drinking as usual and pulling him into darkness. A darkness that he sees in his father who is an alcoholic. Norbi just left and the next day he came to church on his own initiative. Since then he has met with many of us and talked about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. He has made a decision to be baptized and follow Jesus.


Above: Norbi left in green shirt. Norbi helped in our VBS and then was able to come to our English Camp. When he heard Sharon’s testimony he broke down. Norbi is 22. Sharon shared that she was 22 when she finally saw clearly that she must choose between fully committing to the world or to Jesus. Everything that Norbi heard and experienced at camp solidified his resolve to choose Jesus. Norbi has since been joining me as I travel and hold different Bible studies in Apc and Bogács with the Romani. Praise Jesus for going after Norbi and not allowing him to wander into a life separated from God.


Above: Bogi in afternoon free time with friends. Bogi shared that her father has a hatred for religious institutions. Bogi said that her dad can’t believe because of the church and church history. Bogi has been to Catholic church many times but they look down on her because of her ‘punk’ hairstyle, long on one side and shaved on the other. She said she didn’t understand christians that are one way on Sunday and then totally different every other day. Bogi said that she sees something totally different at English camp and would like to know more about the churches we attend but she fears what her family would think. She talked to her mother on the phone every night in her room and excitedly explained what was happening at camp. When her mother asked why she doesn’t have the same joy at home when attending church she said, “Because here at camp people love you.” On the day where the gospel was to be shared in the morning reading hour, Bogi came down with severe ear pain. If things didn’t get better, she was planning to go back to her room and just sleep missing class. I had an opportunity to pray for her to be healed and afterward she was able to go to class and hear the gospel. Bogi told her mom on the phone about the incident. “You are not going to believe this! I was kind of afraid when Allen wanted to pray for me. I didn’t know what to expect. Allen leaned over and I was shaking. He laid his hand on me and afterwards the pain left. I don’t know what happened but it was good!” Praise Jesus for touching Bogi with healing and revealing his love and his message of reconciliation to her. Please pray for Bogi that she may no longer know God as a religion, but may experience God in a personal relationship through Jesus Christ.

Thank all of you who joined us in praying for this important ministry that is transforming a new generation that will be the future of the church in Hungary! Thank you also for your continued support that allows us to take part in ministry every day in Hungary. Your investment allows us to freely invest!

Of course, the best way of catching a glimpse of what went on at camp is to view our camp videos. I’ve attached one below.


Tomorrow, Sharon and I celebrate 16 years of being one in marriage! Last week were able to have a date night as our friend Eszter watched the kids. Some of you may remember that Sharon’s original vision for work in Hungary was the foundation of a coffee house as a platform for church planting. Many of you who have known us from the beginning remember our days tearing up an old basement and renovating it in Budapest. We launched a coffee house ministry, but resources were limited at the time. Soon after, we were called to Northeastern Hungary for church planting and left the coffee house as something that could be taken on at any time once there were enough people and resources. Now, eleven years later, God has raised up a team and resources to open the Montazs Art Café. We were invited as honorary guests and were thankful to see what was envisioned so many years ago finally come into reality.





Above: Brad, Sharon and Allen. Brad was a construction mastermind who was a key person in the coffee house eleven years ago and also has partnered to make the Montázs Art Café what it is today. Brad is a prayer warrior and facilitates prayer teams that have served throughout Hungary.


Above: Prayer of dedication for the Art Café ministry.



Above: Little did anyone know eleven years ago that this would end up being the stop for the 4th Metro in Hungary! Over the course of these years, the Metro was built (blue bubble structure) and the park next to the coffee house was renovated and this is a prime area to share the Gospel!
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