Open door in Bogács

Each week we travel to Bogács, the dynamics of the group change. I find I have to lay aside strong inclinations toward consistent structure of what Bible studies have looked like in the past in order to meet these new friends in the comfort of their Romani culture. Sometimes when we meet, the Bible study comes on the front end, sometimes toward the end of our time together. Sometimes people are coming and going in the background. Sometimes the TV is on in the background in front of the mother. Sometimes kids are playing games on the computer. Through the Holy Spirit, Paul says in 1 Cor 9:22, "I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some." It is my desire to remove all obstacles that would keep this family from hearing God's message. Jesus did not expect us to conform to certain cultural requirements before sharing the good news with us. He often met people in their own homes and in their own cultural contexts. We are called to do the same.


Above: A view from the small mountain behind Petofibanya where I go to meet God.
Before I travel to Bogács, I usually go out on a prayer walk with God. This time of prayer is a 'must' for me as I know there is a great battle that is going on as we bring the gospel into Bogács. I had been asking God to reveal to me who might be the person in Bogacs in this group that I might train to facilitate the group in the future. As Ödön shared with me one-on-one before the others came, I thought he just may be the man God wants to use. Ödön, one of the eldest, talked about the upcoming summer months and how we could begin meeting outside and how he believed that there would be many more who would come to hear and have a chance to know God. He also shared various ways he saw God working in his life the past week and how he has been having more conversations about what we talk about with his family.

Our study on Tuesday was focused on the call of Abram and the promise that God would give him a son as heir. Gyüszi observed that we need to have faith in God even when we don't get an immediate answer. He saw that Abram, being old, was past the age of having children but he still believed God. Gyüszi also said that he learned that sometimes answers may not come as quickly as we expect from God because God has a greater purpose. These insights are from a young man with absolutely no religious background. I did not tell Gyüszi these things, but guided the time with simple questions so that Gyüszi would discover what God teaches in His word. Praise God for giving Gyüszi understanding on Tuesday about these important truths.

Robi, the one who has been the most antagonistic (but most friendly at the same time), continues to struggle in his soul with all that we study and discuss each week. He confesses that he has fears of what it will mean for him to choose to follow God. He clearly senses that God has sent us to him to call him to repent and believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Unlike Gyüszi, Robi has a past of having a religious experience but much of the foundational teaching he was given was false and has therefore caused much confusion.

Thankfully, Babi (Gyüszi's sister) was able to come tonight. Before leaving I was able to pray for her again and it is my hope that Jesus will heal her. She has been through much suffering and wasn't given much of a chance to survive her past surgeries. She acknowledges that Jesus has helped her and sustained her. She trusts that Jesus can heal her as well. Please pray for this dear woman who experiences pain every morning and awaits another medical examination that will determine next steps for her.

Scientist and evangelist Eric Barrett


Above: Our family and church planting partners and friends, Miki and Erika along with Eric and Rosemary Barrett.

By God’s grace, we were able to invite scientist and evangelist Eric Barrett to speak at Petofibanya’s public school on Monday. Eric who formally worked with NASA turned down an offer to train to be an astronaut in order to continue to pursue God’s calling for his life.





Above: Eric (far left) and his wife Rosemary (purple scarf). Eric talked to the kids about the uniqueness of the creation of man, the uniqueness of the world we live in, and the uniqueness of God’s love toward us in sending Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Lord. We trust that his lecture will have an impact on many of the kids and teachers lives!


Above: After his lecture, the headmaster of the school Gabriella (center) invited us into her office for refreshments. She shared how pleased she was with how the kids payed attention and asked when Eric could come again. As we talked about school events, Gabi told me of a school trip to the Hungarian parliament planned for next week and invited me to attend. This will be another opportunity to share my hope in Christ with teachers and kids on a long train ride and fun field trip to Budapest. Please pray for open doors with Gabriella other teachers and kids and for God to draw them to Himself!

EASTER puppet outreach right around the corner!



Time is flying around here. It seems like we just packed up our stage and puppets from our Christmas outreach and now Easter is right around the corner! We need your help in two ways. First, you could help us by joining a team of daily intercessors for our puppet ministry. This outreach is a spiritual battle, as we bring the message of the Gospel and the resurrection of Jesus Christ to a new generation. We need a group standing with us as we go out, supporting us through prayer. We’ll be all the more confident going if we have such a supportive group.

Second, you could help us by donating so that we could purchase the evangelistic gift packets we distribute every year at each show. We came up a bit short on donations for the Christmas outreach and need to pay off the remainder of that bill and the bill for the Easter material (around $1000) To support the puppet ministry SPECIFICALLY go to: https://webapps.pioneers.org/DP/Give/GiftInformation
Name: Hungary Puppet Ministry (Mercer) Acc No: 150639

Other Pics from the week



Above: People from our church and from the community gather together every Monday for volleyball. Nori (far left striped white shirt) who has been playing with us for a few months has also begun attending a evangelistic house group in Rozsaszentmarton.


Above: Marcsi reading a blessing over those who are celebrating birthdays in our body on Sunday.


Above left: Erika and Timi sitting next to her. Timi, since coming to faith in Christ meets with Erika regularly and shows many signs of spiritually maturing. We praise God for the transformation that has taken place in her heart!


Above: See you later dad. Ziva loves being outside, looking at birds, dogs, trees and especially the random cats that appear.

Prayer requests

• Pray for open doors to share the Gospel with teachers and students on the field trip on Wednesday to the Parlament.

• Pray for Nori who has begun attending Bible studies to come to put her trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. (She has a background in the occult)

• Please continue to pray for the new work with the Romani in Bogács. Pray that they would discover God and the Gospel through reading His word on Tuesday. Pray for the healing of a little girl named Katica (kah-teetz-ah) who struggles with asthma. Pray that Jesus would heal Gyüszi’s sister Babi (bob-ee) from the pain she has each morning and restore her eye. Pray for past confusions in Robi and Józsi about God to be corrected as we study His word together. Pray for Ödön’s (ew-doon) faith and understanding to grow.

• Pray for our puppet practice starting next week to go well, for unity on the puppet team and ability to learn each part.

• Please continue to pray for open doors in Rozsaszentmarton and for our English Club that meets every Friday to be used as a bridge to share the good news of Jesus Christ.
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