Above: Camp volunteers and campers at this year’s 2012 English Camp in Lakitelek Hungary.


Above: Dani, a camper who had attended four camps in the past always seemed to be uninterested in Jesus. When others would direct conversation to God, Dani would talk about worldly things and even dabbled in demonic literature. Dani has since made a decision to believe Jesus and was baptized at camp giving testimony as to how he couldn’t resist God any longer. It became clear to Dani that God was chasing him and had surrounded him with many who shared the truth in his life. In his testimony, he shared how previous testimonies on our Gospel Night had an impact on him. Dani doesn’t live close to any of our church plants, but we have contacted a pastor in his hometown and Roger will be joining Dani the first time he attends. Praise God for changing Dani’s heart, giving him understanding and restoring him in Jesus Christ.



Above: The Orange Team that I lead throughout the week included 5 kids who were first time campers. Krisztof in the back row far right was thankful for conversations with his roommate and camp worker Attila who explained the different between Protestantism and Catholicism. In the end Attila shared that what was most important to us is not any denomination, but a belief in Jesus Christ’s Gospel and a life lived out in a personal relationship with Him.

Just below Krisztof to the right is a young man Laci that I roomed with last year. At the end of last year’s camp Laci shared with me that he was now open to spiritual things but had started camp completely closed minded about them. Laci stayed after on the night of our Gospel presentation and he was in tears. He said it was becoming more clear to him that he needs to make a decision but there are still barriers to him believing in his life. We talked through many of these barriers and I believe many more seeds have been planted in Laci’s life. Please pray that God would take hold of his heart and make Laci to know that God’s word is trustworthy and true.


Above: Yet another Laci talking with one of our Hungarian partners in ministry, Erika. After last year’s camp, Laci began attending youth group at the Vecsési church plant. Laci was also in tears after our Gospel Night this year and wanted to talk to me about it the next day. Laci told me that he was so stricken that night emotionally that he had to leave the building because he didn’t just want to make a decision based on emotion. He said that he now wants to read the Bible from beginning to end and examine it for himself. Laci and the other Laci are friends and I believe that through this camp they have been moved even closer to repenting and putting their trust in Jesus.


Above: The youth group from Petofibanya practicing their skit that they would perform on Gospel night. I’m so proud of these young men and women and how much time and effort they put into this drama with a heart to see campers saved. Many campers commented on how powerful the drama was. One female camper stayed after on Gospel Night and shared her story about trying to commit suicide twice. In the drama, a young girl is about to commit suicide but turns away as Christ draws her to Himself.


Above: Edit from Kecskemény and Fanni from Petofibánya. One of our problems from year’s past was effectively following up on kids from a close vicinity that attended camp since we had no church plants in their area. God led us to Edit who serves at a local church in Kecskemény and developed good relationships with campers. One of her roommates Anna prayed with Edit to trust in Jesus. Another camper Kitti made a decision to believe and said she would like to attend the church in Kecskemény. And also a young girl named Zsoka who made a decision last year but drifted afterwards is now connected with Edit and we hope will be discipled in Kecskemény. We praise God for Edit joining our volunteer staff this year!


Above: Eszti, the first camper to have to leave with a serious injury! You couldn’t tell from this picture, but just days before it was taken, she was rushed to the hospital with a broken nose! By God’s grace the doctors were able to set it and she was back at camp the same night. Unfortunately, this was not the only injury at camp. On Thursday, otherwise known as “Gospel Night”, first time camper Bence from Petofibanya had a pretty bad accident on a bike. I happened to be filming the whole ordeal and it looked pretty bad.


Above: Bence bandaged up! Bence was also taken to the hospital with a pretty deep gash above his right eye. Thankfully, he was also able to return to camp the same night as cheerful as ever. On Thursday afternoon, I also dislocated my shoulder in a pool competition. Thankfully it popped back and after seeing the doctor today and having x-rays, it looks like it’s back in place. I’ll need to do physical therapy to fully recover. Please pray.

There were so many stories of deep conversations with camp leaders in rooms each night. And as with Dani who finally saw that God was pursuing Him in His grace, it is our hope that the seeds planted in this year’s camp will grow the fruit of repentance leading to them trusting in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Thank you for your prayers for this ministry. Rejoice with us in the amazing work in these campers’ lives!

Here’s a short overview film of the camp:

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