Weekly Update


This past weekend we set off with our youth group to the town of Jászfényszaru for a few days of camping. We continue to seek to build unity among the new youth group that has formed over the past year and reach out to new teens in the community. Jászfényszaru is about a half hour drive away from Petofibanya. Team members Miki and Erika have been commuting out to this town, teaching Bible in their public school, holding evangelistic Bible studies and seeking to initiate a church plant. We’re thankful for the doors the Lord has been opening in this town and for the success of our first camping outreach to teens in this area.





Above: There is something about sitting around a campfire in a small group. Kids open up. Our first night around the fire, we discussed questions about life and making difficult decisions that would impact how we live.



Above: Get that fire going! The temperature dropped drastically the first night and we awoke shivering and rushed to gather around the fire in the morning.



Above: Using some of the crafts left over from English Camp for free time. Praise God for left-overs!


Above: Gyozo (middle) has been growing in his faith. He has been helping lead the youth group the entire year. Please pray for this young man to continue to mature in Christ and be used to influence a new generation of Hungarians to faithfully follow Jesus.


Above: Kira with her friend the inch worm.




Above: Having a great time learning an Irish dance together.


Above: Fanni and Eszter. It has been a slow process connecting with Fanni and Eszter. They have attended past summer camps with us, but afterward would drift away. This past summer, God drew them into our fellowship and now they are members of our youth group that meets every Friday. They also attend every Sunday and are learning what it means to know and follow Jesus by faith. We have heard from family members how much our church has had an impact on Fanni who seemed to be a wanderer, disconnected from others and struggled with identity with a terrible home life. Praise God for the way his love and truth is transforming her and bringing light into her life.


Above: A grandfather of one of the kids from Jászfényszaru attends the last day of camp. God opened a door to discuss the beauty of the Gospel and the reason for the hope we have in Jesus Christ. He professed atheism and respected what we were doing but did not believe in God. He struggles with many health problems, some of which I also had encountered in my life and experienced God’s healing. One of the reasons he said he couldn’t believe is that he just had no experience of seeing with his own eyes. What he did witness was corruption from so called Christians, and all sorts of hypocritical behavior. In the end I offered to pray for healing and unfortunately he refused each request. Since he is related to one of our church members, we hope to have more opportunity to reach out to him in the future.


Above: Our last night together, we gathered around the fire once again and heard the concluding message from Dezso comparing the love of God and the love of the world. I had opportunity in the morning to give a devotion on guarding your heart. This camp was a great opportunity to further preach the gospel to these teens and equip the teens with right thinking as they approach more and more challenges this coming school year. Praise God for a great camp! May the seeds of His truth that were planted through testimonies, conversations and teaching of His word grow in our hearts and bring glory to Jesus.
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