VBS Day Four


Above: Face paint in full effect for this year’s Indian themed VBS. Tina (center) with Elianna and Kira. Tina has been gracious to offer her help with the preschoolers commuting in with teammate Val from Budapest each day.



Above: Fanni, (left) who was saved just recently is serving as a VBS junior helper. She has truly been a blessing and has talked to me how she’s been talking to her friend about faith in Jesus Christ after she goes home each night after VBS. It is great to see God doing His transforming work in her and to have her serve with joy with us.


Above: One of the kids that I had to firmly discipline yesterday fully engaged in singing in the morning main meeting. Praise God for the change we saw in those who were causing trouble yesterday to being more active and able to pay attention today.


Above: Singing one of the hit songs three years running “It’s No Question That He Loves Us” has lyrics that highlight Christ’s selfless sacrifice for us.


Above: Eszti (center) teaching with her younger daughter Eliana in her lap. Eliana was having a tough time being one of the youngest kids in the preschool class. She seemed to do much better keeping mom company today in her class.











Above: Some of the older kids in Roger’s small group.



Above: Réka showing off today’s picture frame craft with 1 John 4:9: “In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.”


Above: Bálint who had problems behaving yesterday missed his friend Bence who felt sick and had to sit out of small group meeting time. Bálint came up the idea on his own to pray for Bence’s healing and the group prayed together. Later, Bálint saw that God had answered his prayer and Bence was doing much better. He said, “God really does exist, He answered my prayer!”




Above: Roger cooling off in the kiddie pool.



One of the camp leaders, Dezso got into a conversation with a worker at the market as they were buying fruit for camp. It turns out that the woman also lives in Dezso’s hometown of Rozsaszentmarton and asked if she could send her 11 year old daughter to camp today. This showed the woman’s trust in us and her daughter Betti attended today. Unfortunately, Betti was agitated that we were holding a ‘religious’ camp where we talked about God and belief in Jesus. She said, “I can’t believe my mom would send me to something like this.” Dezso convinced her to allow him to take her back by car instead of walking home alone. Dezso shared that he slowed way down to allow for some conversation and he was able to ask some pointed questions that might cause Betti to think more about her worldview that denies God. Ironically, her parents are not opposed to God at all (obviously sending her to our camp today). Please pray for Betti and for the seeds Dezso was able to plant to yield fruit in her life.

Answers to Prayer

God kept the thunderstorms away today and we had another day full of sun to be outside.

God helped the smallest of the kids in our camp in a unique way that verifies answer to prayer. Two of them had an opportunity to go home early today, yet responded (quiet strongly), “I want to stay.” Both stayed the entire day and had a good time.

God helped the troublemakers from yesterday have a better day today and as I mentioned, Bálint even took the initiative to pray for another camper who was sick.

God has blessed our entire team with strength and protected us all from sickness throughout this camp. I was telling the team how great it was to see them serving with joyful hearts and with eagerness at each opportunity.

Prayer Requests

Tomorrow, we give a clear presentation of the Gospel and we invite the kids to make a decision. I can’t stress how important it is to pray for this day as the enemy does everything he can to distract and kill such efforts to bring freedom to others through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for Val teaching tomorrow and for the drama team in their presentation. Pray also for God’s Spirit to move upon the children’s hearts and to call them to make a decision (as I’m sure many of you reading also did at similar camps).

Please continue to pray for our team to be well rested and strengthened in Christ for the remaining two days of camp.

Pray for protection for all of the kids that there would be no distractions from this special day of sharing the Gospel.
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