The winter days of utter darkness at 4:00 in the afternoon are finally passing as spring approaches. Over the past few weeks visiting Bogacs, I arrived in darkness. Tonight, there was enough light to get a better view of the village. Instead of going directly into his house, Gyüszi escorted me through the streets of his village. The rest of the men who have been attending our Bible study week to week were also outside and joined us. After crossing a field parallel to a mountain speckled with wine cellars we entered Babi's house.


I (along with many of you) have been praying for Babi's healing for weeks. After asking Babi (pictured above) how she was doing I rejoiced in hearing her say, "I didn't have any pain this week." My soul shouted, "Yes, an answer to prayer!" Her husband also reported that he noticed a slight change with her eye seemingly opening a bit at times. After talking to her about the love of Christ, the finished work on the cross and Jesus' abundant mercy and grace, I placed my hand on her face to pray for healing. God has been leading me to examine the life of Jesus Christ and how He administered healing to all who came to Him. He didn't turn away anyone. Our Father has been adjusting my soul to lay down previous doubts that prohibit me from asking for healing with faith that He truly wants to free us from sickness. Will you continue to pray with me for Babi to receive Jesus as her Healer and pray that she might be able to open her eye this week by His grace? I believe God has begun a work of healing in her and I'm trusting that she'll soon be able to open her eye because of Christ's power.

After spending some time in Babi's home, we headed back to Gyuszi's house to begin our Discovery Bible Study. Tonight, we studied the account of Abraham being called to sacrifice his son Isaac. Before coming to Bogács today, I had been asking God to help them understand this Scripture knowing that it could lead to confusion and tailspin into controversy. Praise God that this was one of the most successful studies I have had with these men!


Above: Gyüszi (with his son in the background) reading tonight’s text. The men in the study observed that God tests our faith, faith is important to God and God provides. These may seem like simple truths that are obvious to us, but how amazing these truths are to those who are discovering them for the first time through reading His Word. When talking about how this passage personally applied to their lives they spoke about God calling them to believe not with just words, but with action. Ödön talked about trying to live with the type of faith that counts God as the most important in life.

As we continued to discuss the story, some of the men commented on various movies they had seen on the internet representing this account of Abraham. Jozsef started to comment on how one film showed Abraham yelling up into heaven at God in anger. This gave me another opportunity to encourage them to judge what they see through the lens of Scripture. They began to understand that not all movies based on Biblical accounts are accurate, but the Bible and what is written is accurate. Jozsef had doubts. He said that maybe the Bible wouldn't include such emotions and honest reactions to God. I took this as an opportunity to introduce them to Jonah who responded in a much different way than Abraham. We read through the entire story of Jonah and stopped after every few chapters to discuss what they just heard in the story. I believe God really captured their attention with this story and Ödön did an excellent job summarizing what it was teaching about God. God is gracious and merciful and is ready to forgive those who repent and believe.

Later, in response to questions about a local mountain that many in Hungary believe to be a holy place we read the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. God used this story to help them to see that we worship God not based on where we are physically (a holy mountain or Jerusalem), but based on our spiritual posture toward Him wherever we may be, because "God is spirit." (John 4:24).

As usual, it was a joyful visit. I rejoice in seeing these men discover God through His word and for signs of their hearts being softened and their spiritual blindness being healed. Gyuszi told me that when we first met he didn't believe in God. Now, this past week after reading psalm 139:2, Gyuszi told me he has begun talking to God. "You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar." (Psalm 139:2) May the Lord pour out His Spirit on this family, leading them to repentance an faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

School trip to the Hungarian Parliament



Above: Gabriella (in red jacket) is Petofibanya Middle School’s principal. God opened up opportunity for teammate Erika to talk to Gabriella about how she came to know Jesus and live a life following Him. We were thankful for the opportunity to join the school on this field trip and for the open door with Gabriella to share the hope we have in Jesus.





Easter puppet ministry starts tomorrow!


We’ll be traveling to 24 schools over the course of two weeks with this year’s Easter Puppet Ministry team. Those participating will be myself along with Miki, Erika, Eniko, Timi and Jennifer. I have the easiest role of driving and helping with packing and unpacking the stage. The others will be working with puppets, singing and teaching. We have a tough schedule over the next two weeks and need prayer support!

If you would like to join our daily prayer team of intercessors for this outreach from Mar 18 - 28th please let me know so that I can send prayer requests and updates in that time period.

Prayer requests

• Praise God the open doors for teammate Erika to share with the principal on our trip to the Parlament.

• Please continue to pray for the new work with the Romani in Bogács. Pray that they would discover God and the Gospel through reading His word on Tuesday. Continue to pray for the healing of a little girl named Katica (kah-teetz-ah) who struggles with asthma (she was in the hospital on my most recent visit). Praise Jesus that Gyüszi’s sister Babi (bob-ee) was freed from pain she had each morning because of her eye. Please pray that she would be able to open her eye and that it may be restored.

• Praise God that our puppet practice went well with each person learning their part quickly. Please pray for our families as we enter this Puppet Ministry. (Ziva struggling with sickness and sleeping)
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